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Voici notre modeste distro que l'on traine avec nous sur la route.
Pour connaître le montant des frais de port et passer une commande, il vous suffit d'envoyer un mail à cette adresse: mrgodson(at)yahoo(dot)com et on vous répondra à la vitesse de la lumière.

Hey guys, here is our little distro.
Send us an email at this address to have the shipping costs and to order: mrgodson(at)yahoo(dot)com
We will answer 
at the speed of light!

Vinyl 7"

Mr Godson will be the last one to survive  4€

Dead Ramones - Eagle of the Road  4€

Short Days - Endless winter Pigs in blue   4€

Lunch - 19 heures au Québec    4€

Lobster Killed Me - The wind is mine    4€

Lobster Killed Me - Toxic Dc vs Ruts Reasons     4€

One Thousand Directions - Owl Riot       4€

Better Off Dead - Cracked EP

Tobaïas      4€

Vinyl 10"

Mr Godson will be the last one to survive - you'd better run  9€

Fun People - Angustia   8€
Groupe de punk hardcore argentin

Vinyl 12"

Buried Option - Downard  10€

Fire At Will - Hoping for the best...expecting the worst  10€

Split Remek / Child Meadow     8€ 

Myciaa - Electric Animals     12€ 

Heavy Heart - Discoveries    8€

CD / K7 

Split Mr Godson / Rock N Roll Television    CD  5€

Mr Godson EP     CD   4€

Openightmare - Unashamedly      CD  5€

Purgatory - For the love of violence      CD 3€

Nothing Lasts        CD 5€

Tom Tom Bullet - Too fast too late      CD  3

Robot Orchestra - now we can walk     CD 5€

Mastervoice - Instrument Transition   CD 5€

Panic QT's - Fast ain't furious   CD 5€

TShirts - Tote Bag

TShirt (diverses couleurs et tailles)  8
Tote bag 3

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